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Bloom Day- May 15, 2008

High 63 F
Low  41 F
Phlox stolonifera and Iris cristata
Bloom Day begins with a gray overcast and the gray continues throughout the day although it is relatively warm.  I actually have many plants in bloom right now. Dsc_0006 The red tulips are still blooming although I see a bit of fading going on around the edges which spells the end of bloom in the 'River of Bulbs' for this season. Dsc_0009 The camassia is growing on me as more blooms open and create a bigger patch of color.  The bleeding hearts are all in their full glory.Dsc_0021_2     Dsc_0006_2
Dsc_0020     Dsc_0011_2
  There are the spectabilis and s. 'Alba' and s. Gold Heart' plus the D. eximia which will bloom all summer.Dsc_0013   The lilacs are blooming as are the Dsc_0018 Lily of the Valley.  These two are the fragrant friends of my childhood.  There are also Dsc_0001 violas and Dsc_0003 sweet woodruff blooming along with the Dsc_0016 mertensia which is quite blue  now.  In the long border the alliums are just showing some color. Dsc_0016_2 This is just one of five which were planted last fall.  I am enjoying the garden these cool spring May days.  It is truly May Dreams here and big thank you to Carol who brings us all together to share the beauty of the garden!