Weekend projects
Ice follies!

The river is running!

High 52 F
Low  35 F

Epimedium x rubrum
We are back to seasonal temperatures which is great for working in the garden or it would be if it were the weekend.  I also recorded more than three inches of rain over a two day period which was much needed after over two weeks without a drop.  In early spring, rain is expected and when it doesn't show up plants start to look a bit stressed.  Dsc_0012_2 The river of daffodils has filled in with the Dsc_0013_2 little species tulip 'Lady Jane' bridging that middle gap. Dsc_0006 When she closes up her pale peppermint stripes are more visible. The daffodil 'Accent' is still blooming although it is a bit bedraggled after the rain and the interplanting of tulips is starting to become visible.  Dsc_0001 I have been out with the deer spray  as the new, tender, plump buds look tempting even to me.  These tulips are 'Avignone' which is listed as 'spinel red'.  I think I need to look up spinel.  They should be very hot.
Epimedium  x versicolor 'Sulphureum'
The epimediums are in full bloom and they are curious little shade plants which are quite drought tolerant.  The flowers are so small as to be almost insignificant unless you are slithering on your belly through the garden.  I currently only slither with the camera but someday it may come to that but not just yet. Dsc_0016 The foliage is always lovely with a bit of color variation in the leaves which float on wiry stems above the garden. Dsc_0015_2_2   I should have more of these little beauties which are hardy from zone 4 through 8.  Do any of you have epimediums and, if so, which is your favorite?