A slice of summer!
Wordless Wednesday-- Ornamental Rhubarb

Hearts on Fire!

High 73 F
Low  36 F

We are having a week of warmth which is pushing growth at a rapid pace.  When I left home this morning it was still a bit chilly and upon return it was really quite warm and flower buds have opened.  The foliage on the Dicentra spectabilis 'Gold Heart' is  ablaze Dsc_0002 and I really like it best at this stage.  Who really needs the flowers.  This has been in the garden for three years now and I find that the  D. spectabilis 'Alba' and the straight species with the pink flowers both reseed freely.  I have not found any seedlings from this particular 'Gold Heart' bleeding heart yet. Hope springs eternal!

The magnolias are blooming. Dsc_0014 The star magnolia and the species.  This flower is produced from a rootstock which had a yellow magnolia grafted to it but the yellow magnolia died back and this is what is left.  A very hardy plant with spotty flowers.  I think it is fine at the edge of the woodland.  Gee, I forgot to take a picture of the star magnolia.  That will have to wait for another day.   
This Rhododendron is also coloring up nicely, at least the part not eaten by the deer.  I think this one is 'Olga'.  The small leaves always look nice as they reflect the light.  This next combination is the Sedum 'Angelina', Sedum 'I can't remember right now' and a little sprig of Spirea 'Magic Carpet. Dsc_0013 I love this early color combination which has the same colors as the Dicentra s. 'Gold Heart' plus a bit of gray!  Too bad the bleeding heart is a shade plant and these have full sun requirements.  Still,  I'm loving these hot colors!  The hot colors are such a relief from the black and white winter.  What colors do you find most appealing in the spring?  Pale pinks or hot orange?