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One Year Blogiversary!

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Today is the one year anniversary of Ledge and Gardens!  How can it be a year already?  My Mom always told me that time would go by faster as I got older and she was right.  So many of us are new bloggers this year sharing our gardens and the happiness it brings to each of us.  It is hard for most of us not to garden.  It took several posts to receive a comment from a fellow blogger.  Hank, from A Lake Country Point of View, made the first comment on this blog.  I treasure that first comment. As all of you know, comments are the treats of blogging.  It does take giving to receive and if there were more time there would be no garden blog left unread !

After a very disappointing day of travel on Friday  I managed to get out of the fetal position and work in the garden a bit. Dsc_0039 The EM put compost in the veggie garden and then harrowed it in.  Last year we skipped the compost for some foolish reason (time constraints) and the garden suffered because of that.  High hopes this year as the blank canvas Dsc_0010_2 unfolds.  I am embarrassed to admit that I did not get the garlic planted when it arrived in the fall.  It  got cold very suddenly and snowed early and it just did not happen.  Since it was here I have planted it to see what happens.Dsc_0015   I hear that the cloves will be smaller than if planted in the fall.  The garden doesn't wait!  I find that using a planting board is a great aid for strait rows and spacing.  This board is 36" long with notches cut every six inches on one side and the other edge is beveled for making a trench for seeds.  Dsc_0012 This one actually has writing on the side which tells you how far apart to space different plants.  It would be an easy thing to make out of a 1" x 6" piece of lumber.  I also picked up this little hoop house which should warm the soil.  The only disadvantage is that I will need to remove it to water the garlic.  Dsc_0008

Also purchased this spring was this cold frame from Gardener's Supply.  I have to say it went together pretty easily and only one tube was bent which required a bit of strong arming to straighten.  It has zip up sides for ventilation and time will tell how it will work.  I put it in the gardenDsc_0019 but I want to use it primarily for hardening off the seedlings which are now under the grow lights so I will probably move it closer to the house.  It looks cozy doesn't it?  In addition, lots of raking to do.  I am determined to take progressive shots of the same spots a couple of times a month.  I need to make a list and stick to it!  Perennial gardens change so quickly which is one of their great advantages.  The rhubarb has broken through the compost I put on it a week or so ago Dsc_0016 and the intricacies of the unfurling foliage always intrigues me! Dsc_0017 What do you see in theseDsc_0018 strange shapes?