One Year Blogiversary!
Bloom Day - April 15, 2008

Lost in the fog!

High 71 F
Low  44 F

Check out that high for today!  It was breezy though which kept the little black flies from swarming.  I did see them even though this was the first warm day we have had this year.  It always arrives well before the gardens are cleaned out.  The top photo is the Garden Supervisor, Tucker, on his morning rounds.  He is a bit miffed as I didn't walk all the way down into the field.   I didn't realize what a stiff breeze was blowing until I reached the top of the pasture. Lots of birds were singing this morning and the new bluebird house on the fence post has an occupant.  Not a bluebird.  Dsc_0021_2 I believe this is a Carolina wren and she was quite perturbed that I disturbed her inspection of the house or her nest building.  She flew out and started chattering.  The wrens sound very pretty to me when they sing.
I took some pictures of the gardens from the deck above them this morning so you can get an idea of the work that lies ahead.  Dsc_0042 Here is the left handed mitten looking quite unraveled.   The long border is above it against the stone wall and it faces north.  Dsc_0041 This is the Florida bed because, as you can see, it is shaped like the peninsula of Florida with the spine of ledge running down the middle. Dsc_0043   This is a shot down the center showing how they relate to one another.  All need raking and clipping and fertilizing and compost spread and this is but  a quarter of the gardens.  That does sound like a whine.  Sorry!  Like Jodi at Bloomingwriter, my mantra is 'one bed at a time'!  On the other side of the house are some other beds. Dsc_0031 This view is towards the east border, which is half cleaned and below the, hmmm,Dsc_0030 I haven't named this far one against the wall on the right side of the picture but the garden by the tree is the entry garden and along the wall...the left walk border.   Yeah, that's it, the left walk border.  All looked gray this morning but these white crocus opened in the afternoonDsc_0047 to reveal their saffron colored centers andDsc_0049 this purple patch lit up the leaves.   Dsc_0028 The clear baby blue of the chionodoxa was magnified with moisture.  Each new day the garden reveals more of her earthly and Dsc_0060_4
Scilla siberica

somewhat unearthly charms. What is charming you in your garden today?