Garden cleanup in the East Border
Never count your chickens....Tales from the road

Green overnight!

High 56 F
Low  22 F

Yes, it was very cold last night but two days ago, after the warm rain, the lawn was noticeably  greener!  Above is a worm's view! Dsc_0021 Tucker and I took a morning walk into the back field to check out the activity. Dsc_0025 I really didn't see too many birds but along with the greener grass comes the peepers.  The EM heard them just the other night so I had to check out the vernal poolDsc_0026 which is home to many of them this time of year.  This puddle/pool will be here until May or so and then the field takes back over and there is little reminder of the thriving ecosystem in the vernal pool.  While I enjoy looking at it, Tucker, water dog that he is, had to splash around and check it out from knee depth.  Dsc_0027 He really can't pass up water!   Spring light has its' own unique glow. Dsc_0022   Having grown up with four distinct seasons I know I would miss them if I moved to the tropics.  I can't help wishing that winter was shorter and spring, late spring that is, longer.  What about you?  How do you feel about the change in seasons and which would you shorten or lengthen?