Wordless Wednesday-- Ornamental Rhubarb
Mary and Hally

Blithewold beckons!

High 74 F
Low  55 F

Well, I am here to tell you that Kris, over at Blithewold, was not kidding concerning Daffodil Days but I was in a daze when I saw them all Dsc_0126 and then spotted the masses of Erythronium aka Dog tooth violets/trout lily,Dsc_0129
Click to enlarge for full effect!
  which have naturalized in the bosquet.Dsc_0133   They really do look like a lily don't they?  There are also drifts of white.Dsc_0156 The white are lovely but have a different impact than the yellow.  Dsc_0137 They look like stars hugging the ground and the flowers of both yellow and white are fairly small and face the earth perhaps looking down on the lowly inhabitants of the bosquet.  I have been trying to get just a couple to grow in my garden and if this happens then I am in big trouble.  I did get a chance to speak with Gail and she said they are everywhere to the point of  'hitting the compost pile' .  Oh my!  Can you imagine?  I told her to let me know when culling out was going to occur.  In addition to these charming little lovelies, Dan directed me to the water garden where the Prunus x yedoensis 'Akebono' is in full bloom.  Kris was not kidding when she said that this tree  Dsc_0145 could 'stop you in your tracks'!  So delicate and lovely with the petals falling softly to the ground. Dsc_0149 I can't imagine seeing hundreds at one time. Dsc_0153 There were lots of daffodil devotees on the grounds today and I cannot imagine that they were disappointed.  There were also a few tulips planted out and soaking up the sun. Dsc_0140  The entry way to the mansion was looking quite patriotic today.Dsc_0164 This was a bit of a side track during the work day.  We should all be so lucky to have such side tracks.   I am just sorry that Kris was not there today but her hard work, along with that of the rest of the horticulture staff, was clearly, and beautifully, visible.