Spring surprises!
Hearts on Fire!

A slice of summer!

High 68 F
Low  40 F

The EM and I took a bit of a trip out of town this weekend to a party in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Lots of fun but while we were away, summer arrived if only for a brief visit.  The thermometer showed 83 F on Saturday and the river of bulbs has color!  The first to bloom are the 100 'Accent' Narcissus which I planted in October.  Dsc_0027 They have the salmon colored trumpet and creamy white petals.   In between the daffodils there are tulips coming along and there is a 'gap' in the river as I put in some smaller species tulips and some camassia.  Dsc_0029 The EM doesn't like the gap but I am waiting to reserve judgement until everything is done blooming.  The texture is disrupted a bit but the species tulips should be very bright and they are budded up.  I think I will have some bloom overlap.  We shall see and then you can help me decideDsc_0026 if I need to mark the gap and plant more daffodils to fill in. Dsc_0032 Sometimes we all need a little help with these things and who better to ask than the garden lovers out there.  Back to the daffodils. Dsc_0028_2 Isn't the center of a daffodil sublime?