Bloom Day - March 15, 2008
Wordless Wednesday!

Burning of the grasses!

High 45 F
Low 25 F

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  Here's a bit of the green in tribute!

This past weekend was set aside for the annual 'burning of the grasses' by the fish pond.  It is an easy way to dispose of the tops of the grass while sweetening the soil with their ashes but care must be taken if there are any trees or shrubs in the near vicinity.  One year I burned the grasses in the Florida bed and the heaths and heathers went up also!  Oh well, room for something else.  Live and learn.  Sunday night some friends came over for dinner and since the time change of last week the burning of the grasses took place about 8:30 p.m. after dinner but before dessert.   One needs a break from eating anyway.  These are all shots in the dark, not my forte, but not so bad.Dsc_0002_2   Here is the first shot with a flicker of flame in the left hand corner of the picture.  Most people would light grasses with a match but the EM had a torch on hand,Torching I will explain later, so, a torch it was.  Click to enlarge the pictures as the expressions on my guests are priceless!  Everyone crowds around since it is usually cold but within a few seconds...Dsc_0006 there is quite a bit of heat!  I forgot about my little statue sitting in the front of the grasses but she does provide a nice silhouette doesn't she and she needed a bit of warmth as it was chilly!  It isn't long before everyone has to back up a few pacesDsc_0014 as these grasses burn fast!  I would say that from start to finish is about two minutes tops!

Dsc_0017 (click to enlarge)
Expressions of appreciation!
The fountain grass will not escape the torch!
The crowd mills around as we try to decide if the crabapple is too close to the grass behind the bench. Dsc_0030 Rocky, of Dynamic Duo fame, volunteers to provide a physical block from the heat of the burning grasses. Dsc_0039 Any hotter and he would have sacrificed the tree but he hung in there until the heat receded and the tree will live to bloom again!   I think his glass of wine got a little warm though!Dsc_0041   The fire recedes and even Tucker has enjoyed this spectacle! Time to go in for dessert where the torch, once again,Dsc_0045 comes in quite handily for the topping on the creme brulee!


Here is the scene this morning after the burning!  A clean slate, ready for re-growth and another season!