Wordless Wednesday!
Burning of the grasses!

Bloom Day - March 15, 2008

High 40 F
Low  33 F

There are actually blooms today or, more accurately, buds.  Outside it is gray, cool, and wet but there are signs of life!  The above snowdrops are ready and waiting for a bit of warmth to entice them to spread their wings.  If they are a bit out of focus it is the result of wanting to stay dry.Dsc_0018_2 The crocus are showing color.  The leaves are still bearing the signs of being covered up by leaves and are quite yellow.   Dsc_0004_2 The hellebore  has its' lime green flower bud enlarging every day.  Spring is coming and while it is not quite 'in the air' there is no stopping the seasonal progression of spring.   Inside,Dsc_0005 the Phalaenopsis orchid is blooming, one of the begonias,Dsc_0013 Art Hode, and two of the streptocarpus, Dsc_0010 a pink and a Dsc_0009_2 purple.  I know you've seen them before but I took these pictures today! Also blooming indoors is the Dsc_0014 Anthurium. The flowers are nice on this plant but the foliage is a beautiful, glossy green!  The Dsc_0011 Plasticus lillium is also still blooming and it is quite reliable for color all year long!  Bouquets also count and since there will be company for dinner tomorrow evening, a small bouquet of tulips Dsc_0015 will add some seasonal charm to the table! I can't wait to check out the Bloom Day across the country!  Thanks for visiting!