Color for Easter!
A still life of garden treasures

Bits of green!

High 44 F
Low  26 F


Finally one of the snowdrops unfurled its' tiny petals to reveal the little green chevron etched on the inner petiole.  I could not detect any fragrance from it today.  Temperatures were still a bit chilly.  Cool temperatures do keep the flowers from aging but with so few flowers around I would rather there be just a bit more warmth.  Green is hiding but is there if you look closely.  Dsc_0007 This is one of the volunteer poppies coming up on the edge of the patio.  Dsc_0006 The chives are also coming up.  I like them in scrambled eggs for the first fresh taste of spring green. Dsc_0025 This, I believe, is the emerging foliage of one of the campanula.  So much color in such little leaves!

The east border receives quite a bit of sun this time of year.  When the sun is shining, that is. Dsc_0035_2 The bleeding hearts' fern like foliage is visible and the accordion pleated leaves of the lady's mantleDsc_0031_2 are starting to play their song.    The green is there, it just takes a bit more time to find it.