Bits of green!
The reds are emerging!

A still life of garden treasures

High so far 35 F
Low  so far 26 F

Just a quick post with a couple or items I found while checking the garden.  It needs some compost and tilling but the soil is still a bit too moist.  I did find the above squash or bird house gourds and these beans were still in the pod clinging to the tuteur.   It is a reminder  of how busy the summer can be and how easily overlooked some of the vegetables!  It was my good fortune to leave these I think. Dsc_0009 Aren't these the prettiest beans?  I know I planted scarlet runner beans on the structure but I certainly don't remember them being this pretty when I planted them.  The latest fashion designers have not yet received word that pink and black are the colors of the season.