In like a lion....
New England Spring Flower Show!

A drismal start!

High 57 F
Low  37 F
Rain then sun!
This was the picture that greeted Tucker and me this morning!  Yes, it is true, I live in a castle with a moat!  Poor initial planning and ledge everywhere prevents quick drainage but, then again, this time of year is so muddy that a bit of a foot bath is welcome! Dsc_0002 This is the view of the east border across the fish pond which is located just beyond the grasses which need burning.  This will take place in the next week or two.  The temperature rose today and the wind was quite spring like and by the time I arrived home, the walk was dried up.  If we have a couple more days of wind and sun there will be raking! Dsc_0003 I am looking forward to starting the process of reclaiming the garden.  The edges are blurred and this seems to have been a banner year for acorns.Dsc_0007   I wish the deer would just browse right here! Dsc_0006 This is the ...what do I call this bed...the Florida bed as it is shaped like Florida when you look at it from the deck.  It looks like a mass of leaves doesn't it.  I am going to try to take these same shots at the beginning of every month so that the changes are more apparent.  Do any of you do this?   I think it is probably a good habit to get into. I did see a bit more green todayDsc_0005 and hope that I can clean this bed out this weekend!  It sure needs it!