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Valentine's Day Pink

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Rhododendron mucronulatum 'Cornell Pink'
I guess that today is 'Pretty in Pink' in preparation for Valentine's Day!   What is pinker than a 'Cornell Pink'?  Love this shrub.  It is the one of the first flowering shrubs to bloom in the spring.  This one bloomed on April 24th.Dsc_0010   The next pink to show color is this corydalis.  Well, maybe it is a bit purple too but I like it and it does have a pink effect!  Moving right along the pink vein,Dsc_0019 is this flowering cherry, Prunus 'Crimson Cascade', which is bright, magenta pink!  Gotta love it!  Dsc_0019_2 How about the emerging pink foliage of Dicentra spectabilis?  This certainly qualifies as pink andD_spectabilis it promises even more which it delivers with aplomb!  Dsc_0002 Flowering almond is a beautiful baby pink although the shape of this shrub, I find a bit gawky.  Then there is the Bergenia cordifolia which is generally planted for the foliage rather than the flowers.  Bergenia_cordifolia They are pink though.  The emerging foliage of theRhus_tiger_eyes Rhus typina 'Tiger Eyes' also has some pink tones in it and it is beautiful in all the seasons. Epimedium_rubrum Epimedium rubrum has dainty pink floating flowers hanging among the wiry stems. Dsc_0016 This crabapple has many different shades of pink.  My son gave me this crabapple for Mother's Day.  I love it! Dsc_0010_2 This pulmonaria has pink buds which turn to blue.  What could be better than that!   Many thanks to  Angela at Cottage Magpie for her pink inspiration! I find that most of my pink is spring blooming.  I'll have to address that this season with more summer and fall pinks!  What is pink in your garden?