Planting in January!
Garden Center treasures!

They're coming!

The days are getting longer and one sure sign is the seed and plant catalogs which have just started to arrive in the mailbox!  Yay!  If one cannot garden then one can, at least, dream of gardening and the pictures in the White Flower Farm catalog sure do inspire.  The price of some of the plants may be daunting but the pictures and text are both absorbing! Dsc_0032 Who can resist the heucheras on these pages?  I find that I cannot buy just one of anything so small so I would need three or five of each.  Can't you just see a woodland garden filled with the colors and textures of these little beauties?  Coneflowers are for everyone since they are so easy to grow and so long blooming. Dsc_0035 The color palette has been extended over the past few years and continues  to expand.  Dsc_0036 Which one is your favorite?  In addition to the White Flower Farm catalog I received the Jung seed catalog. Dsc_0037 I haven't purchased from Jung in the past but they have a wide array of plants from seeds to fruit trees.  Interesting reading in the dark days of January!  Do any of you have a favorite catalog and is the one you enjoy reading the same company you purchase from?