Green Dreams!
Close ups!


High 30 F
Low 28.6 F

How quickly the landscape can change!  Last week we had one day  which was almost sixty degrees and today, morning brought a frosting coated garden.  Not  a heck of a lot of snow, about five inches, but thick, heavy and wet which stuck to everything bending the branches of many treesDsc_0007 and shrubsDsc_0029 to the ground. The wire fence around the pool is usually unobtrusive and invisible but with this snow it becomes a geometric design of nature.Dsc_0028

Dsc_0011 Tucker loved it and you can see him in front of the field with this look of contentment.Dsc_0022
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  It made me laugh when I saw the picture!  Here you can see the trees along the drive coated on the northeast sides of the trunks!Dsc_0046 The  winter garden has structure only because of the stones which the EM put into place.Dsc_0021   The shrubs are too small to make much of an impact yet although, up close, the red twig dogwood is shining brightly. Dsc_0018   The hops on the porch are carrying a heavy snow load Dsc_0005 and it is hard to believe that the garden, which looks like this right now, Dsc_0008 looked like thisDsc_0013 in July. I'm dreaming of summer but appreciating the differences each season brings!