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Christmas ornaments are for the birds!

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If you celebrate Christmas with the traditional Christmas tree, do you find that your ornament collection grows every year and that there is a 'theme' to your new ornaments? Carol over at May Dreams recently posted about her garden themed Christmas ornaments.  At my house, this years'  fraser fir is not too big (I did have some complaints on this) but it is well suited to the SMALL living room (I'm yelling at the complainers who don't live here) as it nestles in the corner by the wood stove and the side table.  Curiously, I have no ornaments with a strict garden theme.  I have a few ornaments from days of yore.  Dsc_0010 This one is very old but is still singing the message of peace on earth in spite of her ragged dress. Dsc_0011 This one was made by my daughter (one of the above complainers) when she was just a little girl and she made this one also with the help of her grandmother. Dsc_0009 It is a duck egg which has been blown and painted.   In case you cannot tell, it is the nativity scene.  I probably should give my daughter this ornament for her tree which is much bigger than mine!   I love sparkle and crystal is always welcome on my tree such as these ornaments. Dsc_0023


They reflect and shimmer in the light of the tree.   Every year for my birthday one of my sisters gives me a tree ornament.  Dsc_0015_2 Here is last year's ornament and this Dsc_0020 is the current year's ornament.  Who doesn't like peacocks and dragonflies!  I have purchased some ornaments in recent years and find that I gravitate toward the birds.  For some reason, I like the look of the clip on birds perched on the tree.  Not the real looking ones, but the show girls of the group such as thisDsc_0013 pink sparkler and this Dsc_0019 wren sitting on a gilded nest. There are the glitter birds, Dsc_0011_2 some just getting ready to fly

and the cardinalsDsc_0016 in different shades of red. Dsc_0017 Some look a bit more realistic than others. In addition to the birds, there are a couple of odd additions to the mix such as this seahorse Dsc_0021 and theseDsc_0022 'bubble' balls.  The ornaments on my tree are as varied, if not as coordinated, as the plants in my garden but ultimately, it is an expression of the decorator and most trees are still, usually, Tree_star_2 topped by a star.  What does your tree say about you?