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Can you resist a sale?

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The week after Christmas is big sale week at stores and garden centers.  In the northeast, many of the garden centers close for a couple of months right after Christmas and the 'Fire Sale' can be irresistible! At the garden centers I visited this week, all Christmas items were 50% off and that included shrubs.  The  Christmas $$$ received came in very handy as I have been wanting to addDsc_0055 Ilex verticillata, this cultivar is 'Red Sprite', to my winter border and also some red twig dogwood such as thisDsc_0057 Cornus stolonifera 'Arctic Fire'!  Half Price!!!  I also added a couple of bird ornaments to the collection for next year's tree. Dsc_0039 This one has a lovely feather tail! And this one Dsc_0041 is glittering under the lights. There were also some interesting Dsc_0043 nests which jumped into myDsc_0044 basket. I should have bought some LED lights for the tree for next year as they are a bit pricey and although they were 50% off  I couldn't help but think that the price will come down as they become more popular.  They take a lot less energy and are not hot which means they are safer to use than regular lights. The amaryllis bulbsDsc_0034 are on sale right now and they were impossible for me to resist.  The pocketbook is not bottomless however and certain items remained in the store such as theseDsc_0019 beautiful pots which were quite priceyDsc_0021 and this intricately carvedDsc_0026_2 wooden panel.  So, have any of you succumbed to the lure of a sale?