Highs and Lows!

Just a flake or two!

High 38.3 F
Low  23.2 F

Click to enlarge to see the snowflakes!

Lots of garden bloggers are posting their first snowfall.  Today marks the day in northern Rhode Island for the first snow of the fall/winter season.  It wasn't heavy.  It didn't last.   It did, however, make an impression. Is it the finale or the beginning?  Dormancy is upon us and now we can look toward next year's garden for some new challenges. Today I noticed a couple plants worth considering and/or reconsidering.  One plant which I put in the new GFSD winter garden is a Microbiota decussata or Serbian Carpet Cypress.  Actually, I put three of these in and they will, hopefully, form an evergreen groundcover. Dsc_0004 They are juniper like in their appearance and are bright green in the summer turning this plum color with the onset of cool temperatures.  This plant is not too picky about soil although it should be well drained.  It is hardy to Zone 3.   It was discovered quite recently in the 1920's above the tree line in Vladivostok, Russia.   I love the texture of this plant. It will grow in some shade where the creeping junipers would fail.  Are any of you growing it?

An overlooked perennial which caught my attention today with its' snow cloak is this little epimedium.   I am thinking that I need more of them.  They are not really showy.  Dsc_0016 Their narrow, heart shaped leaves dangle from wiry stems and in the spring they have lovely flowers in white, red,Epimedium_rubrum pink or yellow. These were in bloom on May 5th of this year.Epimedium The foliage can be tinged with bronze and one of their best features is that they grow in dry shade.  Epimediums are native to Japan, Europe, Algeria and Northern Iran depending on the species and there are many hybrids now available in season at the garden centers.  They form large clumps once established  and make a bit more of a statement as they mature.  How many of you have some epimediums?   Just a couple of plants which deserve a bit more attention and which, perhaps, you will consider, if you have not already, for your garden next season.