Just a flake or two!
Lichens, moss, physics and rocks!

Highs and Lows!

High 36 F
Low  25.4 F

Hamamelis x intermedia 'Arnold Promise'
Thanksgiving Day was a bit of a temperature anomaly here in Rhode Island.   It snowed on the 20th and today was quite cold but yesterday it was 65 degrees F.  Warm enough to force the Hamamelis  x intermedia 'Arnold Promise' into bloom.  This is a small tree which normally blooms in early March in this area.  I will have to enjoy its' blooms now which are welcome even though they are unexpected!  I found another  batch of bloom today on the 'Pink Sheffield' chrysanthemum. Dsc_0034 The warmth of yesterday must have pushed the last tight little flower buds.   These were hiding out at the base of the plant where they must have been slightly protected.  The color is a clear peach but with the low light at this time of year the camera had a hard time picking that up. 

The walk around the yard yielded another treasure, a bit of bright foliage which has not yet peaked. Dsc_0010 If any of you are looking for a nice transitional shrub for the edge of the garden,

This picture was taken  in late November of 2006!

the Rhododendron mucronulatum 'Cornell Pink' is a great choice for looseness of form, great flowers and wonderful and late fall color. It is hardy to Zone 4 and will grow 6'-10' tall.  I love the clear pink of its' blooms Dsc_0006 which appeared this year on April 23rd making it one of the earliest of spring bloomers.  This is one of my favorite deciduous Rhododendrons.  It looks very natural although it is native to Japan, Southern China, Manchuria and Korea. Dsc_0009 It looks like a native though, doesn't it?   The straight species has much more purple in the flower.  I think the clear pink is more desirable and the cultivar 'Cornell Pink' was introduced in the 1950's.  Are any of you enjoying this shrub in your garden?