Blurred lines!

Finalist in the Fall color Festival!

High 57.6
Low  35.1


Sometimes we overlook the obvious!  Gardeners are not exempt from this.  With new cultivars of trees, shrubs and perennials being added to our wish lists every year it is tempting to look away from the classics.   Classics are always desirable like that little black dress which is a necessity for the wardrobe, dressing the garden in classics can pay off in a big way.  One of the brightest fall colored shrub in the garden is the highbush blueberry, Vaccinium corymbosum.  It is holding its' leaves now when the trees are pretty much done with their fall shedding.  They are a bright spot of color during the drab days of November.    The fall color is just an added bonus to the berries which are produced, or supposed to be produced, in July.  I say this because I am failing at growing highbush blueberries.  Dsc_0138 There are many wild ones in the field but the above cultivar has been in the ground for over eight years and is only about three feet tall.  In addition to its' short stature, it produces very few berries.  Perhaps I disturb the roots  when I clean the border where it resides but for whatever reason  these are not thriving in this garden.  At least they have pretty fall color though!   Are any of you having any better luck at growing blueberries?