Cast of Characters-Conifer Garden aka GFSD

Conifer Garden!

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May 26, 2007 The Garden of five sisters and one daughter!
Fall is a great time for planting! The above project was started this spring when the EM (i.e. Equipment Manager) decided that an excavator was needed in order to ready the field for corn.  We have many rocks.  Rocks, ledge and more rocks!  It seemedDsc_0023
May 26, 2007,  Deere at work!
a shame not to celebrate our own little 'Stonehenge' so some of the rocks which came out of this 'field', I am using the term loosely, were put along the far stone wall with the intention of creating a conifer and evergreen border for winter interest.Dsc_0024   I have long wanted to plant a conifer garden and there are evergreens which I love but I needed a special place to put them.  Most of you know, and understand, that 'plant addictions' must be fed! I have been collecting plants all season and this blog will be ongoing this week highlighting the 'Cast of Characters' now placed in 'The Garden of Five Sisters and One Daughter'.  There are six over sized boulders placed in the border as a backdrop for
the border.

Job Foreman 'Tucker', hard at work!
I am one of five sisters.  The daughter is also priceless and deserves a monument!   I planted the shrubs and a couple of trees on August 13th. Dsc_0031 Here is the border as it is being planted.  Notice my equipment, shovel and garden cart, landscape rake and hoe!  The corn has since been pulled out and the area seeded with winter rye.  Here is what the border looks like from a distance today. Dsc_0033
As you can see, it is an evolving garden and I know it will look better in five years!  My sisters are all wondering which is their rock.  I haven't assigned names yet!  The lowest one on the right has a bit of depression in it which holds a bit of water.  Perhaps that one should be for the one bearing the sign of Aquarius.  Tune in tomorrow for the 'Cast of Characters' series where I will be highlighting some usual and unusual shrubs in this border!