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Jack Frost!

Backyard visitors!

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Fall marches on!
The leaves are well past peak now and they are blowing everywhere!   It was another busy weekend with little garden activity on my part at least.   Coffee on Saturday morning with a view from the window yielded  this scene. Two_deer   I have complained about deer eating everything in sight but this morning they were browsing on the plethora of acorns under this pin oak.  Thousands of acorns were produced by this tree this year.   Deer love acorns. Deer_in_the_acorns_2 I sprayed the new shrub border just this past week so their attention was definitely on these nuts.  I do love to watch these creatures but my goal is to keep them out of the yard and in the back field where they won't even be tempted by the perennials in the garden.  I need to mix another batch of spray.  I usually rotate the kinds of spray which I use.  This last batch was Liquid Fence which, if you take a deep whiff, can actually produce that gag reflex which is so unwelcome.  Once dried on the foliage it loses its' foetid fragrance.  The next round will be Deer Stopper which has a pleasant clove like smell.   Mom_and_friend_2 I have read that deer have a scent gland between their toes.  They leave a scent of fear or welcome depending on their experience. I would like to have them leave that fear scent which would warn the other deer to stay away.  Job_foreman
Tucker, Job Foreman!
The job foreman is little threat to the deer.  He will chase them to the wall line but he knows that they run too fast and who knows what he would do with one if he got close enough to touch it.   He often doesn't see them from his low vantage point but he will pick up their scent and race around with nose to the ground.  It is a challenge to co-exist with these beautiful but destructive creatures.   If only I enjoyed a good venison roast!   Not my favorite meal so I will just continue to spray the perimeter and hope they find acorns elsewhere.