Heavenly Blue!
Late season veggies!

Unseasonable warmth!

High  ???
Low 62.8

"Ahhh, that feels so good!"
Who is the person that said "A picture is worth a thousand words"?  Today was unseasonably warm but my indoor/outdoor thermometer sometimes goes a bit crazy so I am not sure how warm it was. I am guessing 88 F. The pool is closed for the season but that doesn't stop some from finding a way to cool off.  The frogs just head for cover while Tucker takes a plunge.  He always waits until my back is turned and then I hear a splash.  Since he is a lab and has a very thick coat which sheds continuously he takes quite a long time to dry off.  He is relegated to the front step for a while as this plunge was at 5:30 p.m.Dsc_0017
"What do you mean this isn't the pool?  Looks like a pool to me!"
Do you think he looks a bit guilty in this picture?  All of you dog owners know how hard it is to deny comfort to your dog whether it is the water, the couch or the bed! Dsc_0018
"I'm done anyway!"
What's a little dog hair anyhow.  I say it pumps up the immune system!

On another note, Aster 'Hella Lacy' is blooming.  This is a late one and is quite tall at 40 inches or more.  It has suffered from the drought and many of the lower leaves are brown and dried but you can't really tell from these flowers.  It pairs well with Helenium, Boltonia asteroides,Dsc_0007 or Aster 'Alma Potschke'  but here you see a red gladiola behind it.   It is, once again, very dry in the garden.  I fear that fall is destined to have sporadic rain which may impact the fall foliage colors which are due to peak in two to three weeks.  Just another waiting game we often play with nature.  Nature always wins!