Preview of things to come!
Heavenly Blue!

Pumpkin pie and turkey dinner!

High 85 F
Low  60 F

Click on photo to enlarge so you can actually see the turkeys!

This weekend reminded me that Thanksgiving dinner is just around the corner.  I need to start my Christmas shopping also as that coincides with Thanksgiving.  I'm just warning you all, it will be here before you know it!  How do I know?  Well, Saturday morning we had visitors.  While you can only, and barely, see these turkeys, there were at least twenty of them just on the other side of the wire fence.  I love turkey.  I grew up next to my grandparent's turkey farm and loved the sound of the chicks and their soft little bodies.  It  didn't take long to realize that they would grow up to be one of the ugliest birds on earth.  That is, until they were plucked, cooked and set on the dinner table.  I like turkey!

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Here is the next reminder of fall and holiday dinners.  Not too far away there is a gardener who grows award winning giant pumpkins.  I don't know him but on the way by his garden I took this photo of the emerging leviathan! (I am wishing now that I had a telephoto lens instead of a macro) There are several of these scattered around the pumpkin patch.  Each is an object of curiosity. Each has its' own tarp.  It takes quite a bit of dedication and persistence to grow something this big.  In the spring there are mini greenhouses where the giant pumpkins grow.  They are heating the soil and keeping the vines a bit warmer.  The big blue tarp keeps the pumpkins from getting too hot and cracking or so I have been told.  I am not inclined to grow giant pumpkins but I do find them intriguing.  How many pies could you get from one of these?  See, Thanksgiving dinner is just around the corner!