Derby Street Mall plantings
Water gardens and water garden plants!


No tomatoes yet!  As I have mentioned, I did get them in a bit late and since I started them from seed, they were a bit on the small side when I planted them.  I wanted to try some heirlooms and chose to plant  'Brandywine' and 'Black Krum.  I do have green tomatoes but I can't say that these are all that prolific.  Well, when I return from vacation, I hope to see some signs of color!  I have been enjoying broccoli, cauliflower, peas, green beans, basil, summer squash and, my personal favorite, golden chiogga beets.  Is anyone else growing beets?  Dsc_0057 The golden chiogga are so sweet!Dsc_0059 Dsc_0058 The swiss chard is ready but I haven't picked it yet.  Also, the corn is tasseled and it shouldn't be too much longer. Dsc_0013 There are a few pumpkins hiding out under the leaves.Dsc_0012 This one looks like the one that Cinderella's coach was made from.  It is one of the giant pumpkins. We will have to see just how big it will get!  Please comment if you wish but know that I am away until  the 5th and will miss reading all of your blogs.