Miscellaneous garden shots!
What's better than a sunflower?

The underbelly of the garden!

High 82 F
Low  54 F

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Inspiration for blogs comes in many forms and this one was inspired by David Perry.  He is a professional photographer and, as such, has the eye of an artist but, he also has the soul of a poet.  Check out his beautiful photographs and text.  His blog name is listed on the left side of this page.  Anyway,  one of his recent posts involved a picture which was taken lying on the ground and looking through the plants.  Now, I am not a stranger to crawling around on the ground to take a picture of mushrooms but I don't think I have taken any of the garden that way.  So, this morning I resolved to take pictures from beneath.  Not easy for me...it is a long way down!  The first picture is one of the many coleus I have in the garden this year. (Note to self...time to take some cuttings!)  I know most of you are familiar with the multicolored leaves and varieties of coleus available and I can't tell you which one, exactly, this is but it takes on a whole new look when photographed from down under.  I'm really not one for editing photos.  That takes more time than I currently have but it is a future goal.Dsc_0009

This next picture is looking through the nasturtiums on the right and the scented geraniums on the left.  Has anyone planted the scented geraniums next to a walkway? Dsc_0005
Looking back toward the nasturtiums.

It is so gratifying to brush against them and have the air scented with rose or peppermint. Along the pathway there are several lamb's ears, Stachys byzantina 'Helen Von Stein' .   This has larger leaves than the species and doesn't flower.  It is not quite as silver as the species either but it does stay much neater looking and there is no deadheading to be done.


Pulling back along this brick path just a bit farther reveals the electric blue of the Dsc_0020 Salvia patens which I found irresistible.  Here is one more shot looking back along the walkway. I think the nasturtium leaves look a lot like lotus leaves in miniature.Dsc_0018I have a long way to go to get anywhere near the beauty of David Perry's photographs and the goal is really to just get a little better at photography and look at things from a different perspective.