White delight
Burgundy and Gold!

The last of the daylilies!

High 74 F
Low 52 F

This is one of the last daylilies to bloom in the garden but it is a bright one! It was  unseasonably cool today for August with the temperature hovering in the 60's most of the day.  I've resorted to fleece this evening, a rare occurrence lately.  There are still buds to be found in the garden. Dsc_0026 This is garlic chives getting ready to bloom.  It will be a nice white with the typical allium head on it. The clematis seedheads are also making a statement. Dsc_0007 The geometry of nature is unparalleled.  Also blooming  right now are the Geranium 'Rozanne',at least the few that did survive the winter. Dsc_0011 Once they start blooming in late June they do go right on blooming until the heaviest of frost and shortest of days. Dsc_0012

I do have a couple plants of Perovskia or, Russian Sage, but it doesn't thrive here like those I see planted near the coastline.  I have a heavier soil which is less to their liking but it does manage to bloom a bit and looks nice with the Coreopsis 'Moonbeam'. Dsc_0014 Blue and yellow is such a classic combination don't you think?