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Minnechaug - Berry Land!

Low 65.7 F

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The Native American word, Minnechaug, translates to 'Berry Land', the name of this plant lover's paradise.  Through a veil of red amaranthus, the garden beyond glows, beckons, and invites you in to share in its' many mysteries.  This is a garden which shines at this time of year when many gardens are looking a bit weary.  The gardener, Suzanne, and her trusty Pharaoh dog, Zephyr, are pictured here in front of one of the many unusual and mighty grasses within this garden. Dsc_0037
Miscanthus floridus

Zephyr is a dog who is fleet of foot and has keen sense of movement.  His head is always turning and he keeps the deer at bay.  As you can see, he does look a bit like a deer.
Dsc_0011 This is a picture through the arbor into the garden from the front door and, as you can see, there are interesting plants everywhere not to mention the architecture of the arch.  Suzanne's husband is a talented carpenter and his contributions to the garden are clearly evident.   Dsc_0028 Here is a picture looking through the arch from the far side. Dsc_0013

Echeverias and Sedums

There are many container plantings throughout the garden. This one is filled with succulents and mulched with blue glass.  It is very pretty from above and the effect of the glass causes the garden explorer to stop and take a second look.
Here is another container filled to the brim with an assortment of annuals.

Walking around the arch and down the path toward the back garden there is this bright bit of color at work right on the curve of the lawn. Dsc_0022 It is a Polygonatum orientale syn. with Persicaria orientalis and it is bright fuschia.Dsc_0024 Here is a closeup of the flower which is about four and a half feet high. The back garden down by the chairs is home to giant plants. Dsc_0045 First there is the  Paulownia tomentosa which is visible on the left side of this picture and is cut back every spring to induce these large leaves.  The tree is hardy to zone 5 but the flower buds are much less hardy and in this zone they are usually  killed by frost and rarely bloom. Dsc_0044 These leaves are worth it don't you think?
Dsc_0043 Then there is the Macleaya cordata with the Thalictrum in front of it. They both tower over the garden at a good seven or eight feet tall.  The grass, Miscanthus floridus,  behind the other chair completes the feeling of enclosure in this garden space.
The vegetable garden is ornamental as well as productive. Dsc_0049

Dsc_0052 There are vegetables, fruits and 'stick people' of all kinds growing in these spaces. 
The next garden is the raked gravel garden which I love for its' simplicity yet sophistication. And what garden would be Dsc_0074 complete without water? 

Here is one of two of the water gardens on this property.  The lighting would not cooperate for a good pool picture but here are the falls.  The sound of water always refreshes the soul!


There will be more pictures of plant combinations in future posts but I will leave you with this one of the Cotinus coggyria with the banana tree in front of it.  I love the interplay of colors between the two. Thanks to Suzanne and Zephyr for letting me share her garden with all of you!