A day at the botanical garden
Rhinoceros, perennials and a wedding!

Vivacious vegetables!

High 84 f
Low 57.4

The vegetable garden at Tower Hill changes every year.  Last year the accent colors were periwinkle blue and lime green.  This year bright red!   As you can see from the above picture the beds are planted on the  diagonal.  The paths are mulched with wood chips and the beds with rough compost. Dsc_0287
Fancy and large cabbage!

There are interesting and beautiful plants in this garden.  It is a visual treat as well as, I am sure, as a tasty one!Dsc_0290 This garden bed features a wire  tunnel on which the squash will grow with calendula and red lettuce as a border.  Dsc_0285 Here we have a lattice structure for more climbing vegetables.  I must remember to put  some of these together during the cold, dark winter months.  It would be fun to paint with bright colors at the darkest time of year.  Dsc_0288 Here you can see that the tomatoes are growing on spirals inserted in the ground in a fan shape.Dsc_0301 Here are some more used as a trellis and a focal point behind  a bed with a red lettuce border.  They look like fun don't they!   There are nasturtiums in this bed which are winding around and up an inverted tomato cage with the legs bound together.Dsc_0299
Also in the red theme. Dsc_0296 The paths are fairly wide, at least wide enough for a garden cart or wheelbarrow and the angles are very pleasing. Dsc_0297 There are Tropicana cannas planted throughout the garden and they tie the color scheme together as your eye moves from one to another.  Many interesting annuals grace the edges of the beds. Dsc_0294 This is Zinnia elegans which is about four to five feet tall and the flower is about two inches across.  My friend and coworker Denise kindly stood in for scale and then promptly fell asleep in the picture.  She matches the color theme though!  There were also some interesting snapdragons.  Dsc_0295 This one has variegated leaves and an incandescent orange flower.  Does anyone recognize it?  No tag. 
The garden is framed by a window with a view out to the porch set with window boxes, overflowing containers of color, and a breakfast table or, perhaps, you would rather have afternoon tea overlooking your front yard Dsc_0304 which just happens to be a bright, cheerful vegetable garden complete with flowers and the fruit of your labors!