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Rhinoceros, perennials and a wedding!

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Is there anything better than a wedding in a garden setting?  This was the site of the latest family wedding and while I will spare you any personal photos I thought you might be interested in seeing this beautiful New England barn which has three stories each having a ground entrance.  The advantage of building on a hill!  The 'garden' was more field and meadow but with a natural beauty that needs no embellishment.  While it needed none, there was this creature Dsc_0094_2 heading off to the watering hole but pausing to provide some needed shade for Scotty, the cat.

At home in the garden the butterflies were taking advantage of the beautiful day and this bush lived up to its' name.  Dsc_0040

Isn't the perfect geometry of nature amazing?  Here is the flower of Echinops ritro, or globe thistle.  The spikes form this perfect sphere. Dsc_0034 I think this plant is quite a conversation piece but it is not a garden 'star', more of a background plant.  The Rudbeckia maxima, or giant coneflower, is another interesting specimen.  Dsc_0033 It is over eight feet tall in my garden and the flower is a curiosity as are the gray, smooth leaves.

P7210145 One last photo of the barn in the evening.  It came complete with its' own 'Water  Fires'.