Mid Summer containers!
Hidden talents and late afternoon!

Mushrooms and moisture!

High 82 F
Low 61.2F

After the rain!
I know I have posted about mushrooms before but they are so very fascinating, appearing in the night and unfurling quietly and seductively in the compost.  That is much more polite than 'manure' and I am not quite sure you can be seductive in manure anyway! Maybe you can if you are Miss Piggy. This patch of mushrooms Dsc_0002 looks like they are ready for the ballet  with their ballerina skirts at the ready.Dsc_0006 The next group are quite serious with their heavy caps and slight stems.  Dsc_0009 This next patch are in the rice paddy with their hats on to ward off the sun.  Sylvia Plath wrote a lovely poem about mushrooms and titled Mushrooms.  It can be found here.

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