Morning observations!
Was that a bee?

Echo color combinations! Electric yellow!

High 94 F
Low 65.3F

This is the morning light falling on one part of the garden today.  Can you see the heaviness of the humidity in the picture?  Dsc_0027 Even now at 8:41 pm it is 76 degrees.  The fan blows on!  While walking this morning in the garden one section has beckoned to me in the last few days. Dsc_0001 The echo color combinations of this yellow planting draw the eye inward and the textures of the plants stand out.  The Golden Hyssop, Agastache foeniculum 'Golden Jubillee',Dsc_0011 while having a particularly long and forgettable name, is a charming plant with the square stem indicative of a member of the Lamiaceae or mint family.  Here it is coming into bloom and it has a 'skirt' of seedlings hovering around its' base.  It will be around three feet tall and it does tolerate a variety of soil conditions.  The flowers are really not that important to me but if you deadhead this plant  it will flower into the fall.
Next is the Potentilla 'Primrose Beauty' Dsc_0012 which has been in this location for at least five years.  It is a forgiving shrub and benefits from and early season and mid-summer light pruning.  Potentilla is available in many shades of yellow, white, pink, orange and red.  Another component of this planting is the Eremurus bungei or Foxtail Lily.  This is a member of the Liliaceae family and is said to be hardy from zones 5-7. Dsc_0010_2 Time will tell on this one.  I purchased these as potted perennials as the bulbs always seem to be out of stock by the time I get my order in. I am finding them quite interesting with their gray spike, low foliage and the interesting flower spike. The Rudbeckia here is just a self sown wildflower.Dsc_0013   I came across an interesting fact concerning its' name. Linnaeus, the Father of Plant Taxonomy,  named it after his teacher, Dr. Rudbeck.  It is my least favorite flower color being 'School Bus yellow' but I have a soft spot for this particular perennial as I remember looking for it while riding in the car when I was a child.  I can remember playing the 'I spy' game based on finding the black eyed Susan.  That is my older sister's name and I was quite jealous that she had a flower named after her!

The highlight of this combination is a plant that I know I have photographed and shown before, the Rhus 'Tiger   Eyes' or Tiger Eye Sumac.     Dsc_0014 I still love it but wait until you see the fall color that it shows!Dsc_0015   So, what 'echo' color combinations are alive and well in your garden?