Weekend delights!
Cacophony of Color!

Critters and color!

High 71.3 F
Low  47.7 F

While walking in the garden this morning, Tucker and I spied this little guy on the stone wall.  He readily posed for several pictures.  I guess the cats are getting pretty old if the chipmunks are showing no fear!  Here is another dreaded creature which we spotted in the field on this grass.  Dsc_0063 The Japanese beetle!  They appear like clockwork every year around the first of July.  I wish the chipmunks found them a delicacy!

The delphiniums are reaching eight feet and Tucker, once again, posed with them to show scale. Dsc_0067 He was not too pleased to do this today as you can see from the rather bored expression on his face.  Right outside the picture window the bee balm is starting to show color.  This first bloom opened right in front of this self seeded sunflower.  Dsc_0065 The bird feeders are right here and sometimes volunteers sprout.  It is a hot, hot, hot combo!  Nature often provides the most brilliant color combinations with no help from mere mortals.  The Allium sphaerocephalon  or drumstick allium is starting to bloom.  It is a great addition to the perennial border and its' texture begs to be touched don't you think? Dsc_0078 Here it is in sharp focus and then this picture shows it combining well with Rhus 'Tiger Eyes'. Dsc_0080 I've used Strobilanthes or Persian shield in one container this year and today the colors seemed exceptionally bright.  It is a very interesting foliage plant with a leaf color one doesn't see very often.Dsc_0092

  One other recent acquirement is this Begonia 'Bonfire'.  It is the most brilliant  blast furnace orange that I have seen and Dsc_0091 it combines well with the gold pot seen in the background.  I wish I had purchased a few more of these.  I love the oranges and hot colors this year.  What about you?  Is this a pastel year or a primary color year in your garden?