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The activity of gardening is a bit different for each of us.  We all have different approaches and different methods which work for us and which make our gardens unique.   A garden is a reflection of the qualities of the gardener or gardeners working in it. Some are blousy and blooming with wild abandon and others are orderly and precise.  I don't look at gardening as a competitive sport.  I think that is why it is so easy to appreciate and admire the work of other gardeners and the beauty they create.  I am fortunate to live across the road from two wonderful gardeners and good friends.  It is an added bonus that I have known Brenda since I was a small child when we played together even before we attended school.  Her husband, Rocky, is the brother of my best friend from high school and I spent many an evening at his dinner table enjoying the cameraderie of his family and the wonderful food his Mom prepared.  There is such comfort in continuity.  They have a beautiful garden as these pictures so clearly show much more precisely than any words. Their garden is on the down side of the slope and mine is on the top of the hill.  They have the ledge spilled everywhere as boulders while mine is attached to the earth like the spine of a whale.  Their garden is a cool, shaded retreat while mine sits up in the sun catching the westerly breeze from the back field.  They sit across from each other separated by a gravel road and totally different exposures to wind and sunlight.  What we share, besides the love of gardening , is the desire and goal to make the best of the  properties we are fortunate enough to care take while we are here on earth. They have certainly made the most of theirs.  Dsc_0008    Here is a unique 'historic' building which was moved from its' original location and has changed functions.  What was once the privy is now the tool shed. There is a functioning (I say that with a bit of envy) two level fish pond Dsc_0009   with waterfalls and frogs and fish.Dsc_0010   There is a challenging slope which has been planted with a wide assortment of perennials and meticulously cared for as you can see here.Dsc_0017 In addition, the vegetable gardens produce an abundant amount of peppers and tomatoes and a new herb garden has been installed. ThereDsc_0013_2 is even a secret white garden complete with quartz boulders from the site.Dsc_0024   Tucker got into a bit of a problem with the resident cat...sorry this is a bit blurry but speed was of the essence with this shot, a little genus tension. Dsc_0023 Rocky and Brenda both love annuals and have them bedded out in masses for bright spots of color.  I love this new garden with its'  sweet sentiment spelled out in flowers. Dsc_0015 I can't wait to see it once it has filled in even further. There is much more to see but I will leave you with this one last shot of the gazing globe garden.  I love the sedum ring around the bottom of the globe stand and the precision of this little portion of the garden.  Dsc_0018 I hope you have enjoyed the tour of this beautiful garden.