On the road again...
Bloom Day!

Antique Roadshow!

High 58 F
Low 50.8 F


Another day on the road and this time, off to Cape Cod.   My first stop was at a pottery customer's  establishment, The McCloud House.  The McCloud House is located in Brewster, MA on Route 6A.  I sell different lines of Lawn and Garden products, at least, that is the goal, and I had not been here previously.  It is always a delight to discover a gardener in addition to a proprietor!  The picture above shows a variety of different items, some I represent and some I don't but all are quite interesting wouldn't you say?   This building houses antiques and collectibles but what is really interesting to me is that in the back, which is actually the backyard of the owner's home, is this beautiful display garden.  Signs do invite the customers into the garden and I guess that means Sales Reps also. Dsc_0002 Here you see an overview of a portion of the garden with an abundance of perennials.  Dsc_0003 This is a picture of a well situated cherub playing his lyre  or maybe just his banjo although that sounds like it is against angel rules.  No banjos, too common!  He is flanked by two fruit urns.  I don't know why I really like fruit urns, but I do.  I don't have a place to put any so I will have to enjoy them here.   The cherub looks nice and cozy doesn't he? Just beyond is this entrance to a small courtyard. Dsc_0004   Who wouldn't want to step inside this portal?  Inside there is a small table and chairs to the right.  A nice place for a cup of tea or a glass of wine perhaps.  Moving along I encountered this metal sculpture featuring the bird family. Dsc_0005 Papa sits atop the stanchion while Mama feeds the babies.  I like the organic look of this sculpture.  You can't really tell from this picture that it is over six feet tall.  Looking back toward the allee which I did not photograph is a focal point, this terra cotta jar.Dsc_0006   Who doesn't love terra cotta?  Try to picture this scene without the jar.  It is a vaguely disappointing image isn't it?  Next up are the biggest alliums I have ever seen.Dsc_0007   Allium 'Globemaster' is truly  an 'Alice in Wonderland' flower.  I guess they would look small next to the giant rabbit but only then.  I think they are artfully combined in this echo color combination with the Baptisia. I think you need to click on this picture for a better effect. Guess what I have on my bulb list!  Not one, not two, maybe seven?  Who out there is growing this allium?   This last picture is of the shade garden. Dsc_0008 I  have often heard some people say that they cannot garden because they have too much shade.  Shade does not have to be boring does it! There is a serene beauty in the combinations of leaf textures and colors in this shade garden. Sometimes the surprises one encounters along the road are often the free bonuses of life! You can't really receive them if you don't move along the path and keep your eyes open.   Once again, I thank you all for traveling with me.