Lost in Lavender!
Roses aren't red!


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I know there are mixed feelings out there concerning Garden Clubs.  I understand why that is.  I have been a member of a  garden club for  fourteen years.  Initially, it was to share a love of gardening and , fortunately, I found a garden club who embraced that sentiment.  The club is not exclusive to women but, currently, there are no men in the club.   There are women in the club who enjoy  flower arranging, there are women in the club who enjoy organization,  there are many women in the club who enjoy gardening-hoorah-I embrace this balance!  I have been surrounded by women all of my life.  I am one of six children, five of them now  grown women!  I really love men, but women are compatriots!  Women  listen and women support. That being said, I do thank goodness for the balance of men and women in the world.   One of the garden club's ongoing projects is the planning, planting and maintenance of a small  wildflower garden in the center of town.   Two of our members are the primary caretakers of the garden.  It changes every two years.  They have done a great job!  Here it is! Click on a picture to enlarge it! Dsc_0008 Dsc_0012Dsc_0013Dsc_0010 It is especially beautiful right now don't you think?  It is serene, cool and calming.  This is the garden clubs' gift to the town and I can't think of a more lovely gift.  I applaud the committee involved and am proud to be a member of this club!