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Dwarf Fothergilla

The quality of spring light.

High 87 F
Low  61 F

Last night it was necessary to sleep with the windows open.  Three nights ago the temperature was 29.8 degrees.  We have crossed the threshold.  That is not to say it cannot revert to cooler temps but the first really warm day sufficiently heats up the air and soil to push all the new growth toward summer's green.  The next warm rain will finish the job! May_light Gazing_globe At this time of year, when the trees are just beginning to leaf out, the woodlands are a tapestry of color.  There is lime green of course, russet, brown and darker green all mixed to form a spring melange. This is best viewed from the highway.  At least some things benefit from a long drive!  The intensity of the light and the patterns of the shortening shadows have a quality unique to spring in the northeast. Dsc_0006 The woods take on the look of a confetti strewn landscape.  Bright colors seem that much brighter providing greater contrast with the green backdrop of fields and lawns.Dsc_0010 Textures take on colors of their own Dsc_0010_2 and each emerging variegationDsc_0023 provides added excitement. This quality of light lasts only a few days, rarely, a week but it is real.  It is welcome. It is fleeting.Dsc_0016