The quality of spring light.

Dwarf Fothergilla

Fothergilla_gardeniiHigh 75 F

Low  60 F

Finally a native spring flowering shrub. Well, native to the southeastern United States, that is.  Fothergilla gardeneii is a tidy little shrub with white, fragrant flowers which are sufficiently different enough for the discerning eye to take note and pleasing enough to provoke the interest of the novice gardener.  Creamy white is a better color description of this shrub which is in the Hamamelidaceae  family.  Its'  optimum height is listed in Michael Dirr's  Manuel of Woody Plants as three feet but I think it has already surpassed that height in my garden.  If you are looking for an interesting shrub, hardy in zones 5-8, with lovely fall color, this might be a good choice for your garden.  It fits well in the mixed shrub border being neat and tidy in habit.  Mine is planted in a rather dry spot but its' natural habitat is at the edge of the bog. It will grow in partial shade to full sun.  Flowering is heavier in full sun.  I think it is a lovely little, well behaved shrub.  Is there anyone else reading this who is growing the plant.  What size is yours and do you find it interesting enough to recommend to other's?