Morning walk!
Fine Gardening-Entry Garden

Buds and Blooms

High 74 F
Low 43.6 F

I noticed today that there are still many buds in an apparent state of transition.  That purgatory between bud and bloom.   The buds have a unique beauty of their own.  Dsc_0024 Here is a  Rhododendron yakusimanum just beginning to open.  It will be a lipstick shade of pink but what I really love about this plant is the form and the hairy undersides of the leaves.  It is short and wide and squats regally at the edge of the entry garden.Dsc_0001    The bud of the baptisia plant  is also an eye  catcher.  Dsc_0015 This looks like the tail of a subterranean rock dweller.  I can't remember if this is the blue baptisia or the yellow so it will be a nice surprise when it finally opens.  Here is my orange tree peony.  Dsc_0016 The tag clearly says orange.  I like this yellow but I really wanted orange.  I'll have a good excuse for buying another!  I know others have posted nice shots of Doublefile viburnums, Viburnum plicatum var. tomentosum, hardy in zones 5-8, and this is a rather odd specimen but they really do merit a bit of attention as they are so interesting in flower both close up and from a distance.  Dsc_0009 Dsc_0017 They don't have the smell of the V. carlesiiDsc_0015_2 or the V. burkwoodii which have an old fashioned, rounded shape but their tiered, horizontal  branching is just one of the nicest spring accents around.   A couple of other mentionable plants in the perennial category are the Phlox stolonifera which, I think, is underused. The flowers float above the flat, creeping foliage. Dsc_0004 Here it is paired with Hosta 'Golden Tiara' and the purple looks so nice against the yellow variegated hosta leaf.   Then there is this Dsc_0005 small veronica.  I can't remember the species name.  Anyone know it?  Perhaps one of you can clear it up for me!  And lastly, the new growth on the dwarf Alberta spruce is pushing out making it look like a fuzzy teddy bear. Dsc_0016_2 There is always something new showing up in the garden at this time of year, one surprise after another.  Maybe that's why it is called 'Spring'.