Dwarf Fothergilla
Mother's Day


High 72 F
Low  56.9F

The garden is shaping up and starting to bloom.Dsc_0010   Blooming now is the ephemeral Mertensia virginica or Virginia bluebell  which is such a changeling.  The flower buds are a beautiful pink which turn to clear blue as the flower opens and ages.  I think that is why it is so gratifying. I posted a picture of a cultivated variety of acquilegia in a prior post and while these big flowering cultivars are very satisfying the little Acquilegia canadensis is so delicate it should be included in the spring garden. Dsc_0005 It tolerates many conditions from roadside to garden and it re-seeds freely.  Phlox divaricata is another spring flowering perennial which holds its flowers on 10"-12" stems.  This clump has been in the garden for five years or so and it spreads slowly. Dsc_0002 The crabapple is blooming.  This one is red in bud and pink in flower with the leaves having a burgundy tone to them.  The name escapes me at the Dsc_0016 moment but I have the tag around here somewhere.  Also, here are the espaliered apple trees which I put in several years ago.  I lost two out of five to mice girdling the trunk and given my sporadic and untimely pruning, I have yet to get apples  but  since there are flowers this year I am hopeful which seems to be a  classic trait  which we gardeners have in common.Dsc_0014