Gardening in the dark!

Too cold for bunnies!

Easter morning dawns cold but sunny.  The birds are busy but there are no bunnies in sight.  Most of the gardens are still tucked under their blanket of oak leaves.  So many chores and so little time!

Here is an early spring pDsc_0038_2icture of Hamamelis x intermedia 'Diana' or  witchhazel.  It is one of the earliest spring bloomers

and, as you can see, a great spot of color.  There are many cultivars to choose from with range of color from  red  through pale yellow.   Consider planting one this spring.  This is a small  tree which grows between 15' and 20' high.  Good fall color can be expected but they are a bit coarse during the summer.  The do look very nice in a shrub border or on the edge of the woods.


The yellow variety is 'Arnold's Promise' Both varieties are readily available at any nursery or garden center.