Roll out the barrel!

High  77 F
Low   32.6 F

Today was community planting day.  The local garden club plants and maintains fifteen whiskey barrels in the center of town.  This year we are going to try one of the new self-watering whiskey barrels.  We have had trouble with the classic whiskey barrel falling apart after just a few years and since the garden club maintains them during the season we thought it might be easier to try one of these which are UV resistant and freeze proof with an eight gallon water reservoir.New_barrel_07_2

This will have to be drained in the winter but we are hoping that maintenance will be much easier.    With fifteen barrels there are many volunteers necessary to water, deadhead and fertilize them through the summer.

Heidi_diane_kathy Here you see the pansies planted out. They will remain for just a month or so and then the barrels will be re-planted with assorted annuals.  It is a big project and here is a picture of the barrel planting crew.  It couldn't be done without them and these women are just a few of the many volunteers! Pansy_planting