Crayola containers

Drips, streaks and more!

Minimum temp 38.2 

High 56 F

Today the sun came out for the first time in many days.  The garden centers were quite busy and many had their displays ready for the weekend.  Some are still hustling a bit to get everything done but it is usually a continuous process.  I saw some  more very interesting containers.  What do you think of this yellow and blue combo?  I think in the right location with interesting plants it would be a winner!  Or, it could be plumbed and used as a  centerpiece in a water feature. Dsc_0009_3

Here are a couple more interesting color combinations.Dsc_0011_4

  Then we are back to some more solid colors. I love this combination of yellow and purple.  An effective display!Dsc_0022_3