Drips, streaks and more!
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Low temp. 33.3 F

High temp. 61 F

In addition to the witchhazels there are several interesting and underused species of winterhazel which include, Corylopsis pauciflora, the buttercup winterhazel ,and Corylopsis spicata, the spike winterhazel.  Both are small shrubs with a spreading habits.  The flowers open in April and care should be taken to site them in a sheltered location for protection from spring frosts.  They prefer a moist, acid, soil in full sun or light shade and they are ideal shrubs for a woodland border.  The C. pauciflora has smaller flowers than the C. spicata, as you can see from these photos.  The flowers are a bit different and not the glaring yellow of many spring shrubs.  C. pauciflora is hardy from zone 6 through 8. C_pauciflora

The C. spicata or spike winterhazel tends to spread wider than its height of 4' to 6'.  It is hardy from zone 5 through 8 and is also the lovely primrose yellow of the pauciflora species.
I have one of the buttercup winterhazels planted in a woodland border.  It is not in bloom yet.  These photos are from nursery grown container plants which have had a bit of shelter in a hoop house forcing them into earlier bloom

I think that they are both worth considering for a naturalized border.  What do you think?