Winter's End Game
Fire and Ice

Vernal Equinox - 2014


Garden linesMy garden is a mirror of the vernal equinox. There are equal parts of light and dark in the garden. The snow line is visible in many areas. The southern exposures in the garden are dark and void of growing vegetation, for the most part. The northerly sites have up to six inches of snow still on them.  My hellebores are still buried and this mornings garden walk entailed skirting the snow line. The earth was hard and unyielding underfoot but there was bird song in the air and a definite feeling of spring. I missed Bloom Day this weekend but the blooms have started. First snowdropThe snowdrops are emerging. I move them around each year to increase the amount. Someday I do hope to have rivers and ponds of snowdrops. They are fragrant little things and while they look fragile they withstand the harshest of temperatures as well as snow, sleet, rain and wind. Crocus2A couple purple crocus are huddled against the cement foundation giving them a bit of warmth when the sun is out. They reward me with brilliant purple blooms. These are leftovers from the garden which was here prior to the gravel. The gravel was added to help solve some drainage issues. I have one other tiny, very tiny, spot of color in the garden. Winter aconiteThe yellow winter aconite is a very early bloomer if sited correctly. I am making notes to add more along the most southerly route of the garden. Again, the goal is pools and rivers of  sowed sunshine. Planting bulbs is hard work so making notes now will really help save time this fall as I walk around with hundreds of bulbs to tuck in the ground. I must slow down, it is just barely spring and I have fall planning and planting on my mind. These long winters are tough on northern gardeners. I would love to know what your very first spring bloom is in your own garden.