Happy Halloween 2013
Wordless Wednesday - November 6, 2013

The Bright Spots of November

Japanese maple - redMother Nature has saved the brightest of all of the fall colors for last. Many trees have dropped their leaves but the Japanese maples seem to be among the last to put on their fall robes. Maple branchBrilliant red, bright yellow and a mix of both colors are visible in many of the Japanese maples in the gardens and woodlands. The above red Japanese maple was planted many years ago and its name is long forgotten. This time of year it screams for attention. Behind it is the golden yellow of an Acer palmatum 'Omurayama' which was planted the same year. The full moon maple, Acer japonicum aconitifolium, blends its reds and yellow. Aconitifolium leafThe result is a leaf which glows as bright as any ember.  The lime green of the Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' has morphed to brilliant yellow which sits pretty right in front of the red cut leaf Japanese maple. Tree and grassOak leaves are littering the ground and the time for chopping them and adding them to the garden beds is at hand. There are many chores to be attended to in the gardens. Some perennials will be cut mainly to reduce the chores of springtime. Others are left to feed the birds and add winter interest to the garden. Yellow hakone grassThe garlic needs to be planted quite soon and in the rest of the vegetable garden the arugula and kale are still being harvested. Brussel sprouts and carrots don't mind the cold at all. Their flavor is heightened by cool temperatures. There is nothing sweeter than a carrot pulled from the ground after a few frosts. November is a rather gray month in my garden. It is a transition from the brilliant decline of October to the dormant state of December. The first days though, are brilliant this year.  What is shining in your garden at the beginning of this month?