Bushy American Aster
Happy Halloween 2013

The Bronze Age

Bronze viewIn New England, Southern New England that is, the bronze days are upon us. Maple leavesMost of the native maples have dropped their leaves but the oak leaves are persistent and hang on until the abscission layer fully forms. This is as variable as the oak varieties and the season in the woodland and garden. There are black oaks, white oaks, red oaks and pin oaks. Oak Leaves - BronzeSome do have bright red coloration but the majority of oaks in my garden turn bronze. It has been clear and bright and very dry here this fall. The spring in the back former field which was walled up a century ago and used for watering cattle is dry. FrondThe frost has arrived darkening the fern fronds and stripping the color from the late annuals and the foliage. Yellow is left, brown is left and bronze. The bronze offers golden afternoons with low slanting sunlight. The drone of the bees is now absent from the garden but the birds are still singing and there is a distinct crunch under foot. In the early morning it is the crunch of frost but later in the day it is the dry, fallen leaves which are begging to be lifted and turned into compost.Manure spreader The old manure spreader has a bronze patina of its own lending to the warmth of this season. What color is your fall garden today?