Wordless Wednesday-February 20, 2013
March 1, 2013

Signs of Spring

Outlines of the rhodiesThere is a perceptible change in the light levels here in the garden at the end of February. Last nights dusting of snow outlined and frosted the garden dressing it up for a photo op. Morning sunWhile the weather is still quite cold with temperatures hovering just above freezing during the day, the buds on trees and shrubs are getting fat with expectation. I know I am expecting warmer weather soon. SunriseThe garden is still covered with a good six inches of snow and the high plowed piles will be around for a while but the brightness of morning comes a bit earlier and evening much later. There are very few snowdrops visible as most are still buried but this small clump by the house is showing a bit of white. SnowdropCan blooms be far behind? What signs of spring are you seeing in your garden?