Come, Walk With Me

After the Snow

Moss on ledgeDecember's weather has turned noticeably milder since that walk in the snow. Green has emerged from under its depths. The snow is a thing of the past. The moss is glowing and the grass is still green. The Lawn and Left Front BorderWell, the lawn grass is still green. Pennisetum and MiscanthusThe ornamental grasses have browned and the leaves of the Hydrangea macrophyllas are sagging like wet rags. DSC_0050
The oak leaf hydrangea is retaining its leathery leaves and they are still looking quite fresh. The days are almost at their shortest. There are chores left undone but perhaps this week there will be time. Time to tuck in a few stray bulbs, cut back some annuals which filled out the perennial border and time to enjoy the little treasures nature provides during the dormant season. Pieris japonicaWhat ornaments are you finding in your garden this time of year?